Year 10 Learning Programme

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Year 10 Learning Programme

Year 10 Learning Programme Update – 01.06.2020

As part of our phased response towards a return to school we are planning to introduce some changes to the way in which we are providing learning for students in Year 10 with effect from Monday 1 June 2020 (the week after half-term).

Phase Two – 01.06.2020

A new ‘online’ timetable will be introduced in which ALL Year 10 students will be expected to attend two lessons per day. These lessons will be delivered using Microsoft Teams. The advantage of this system is that it can be accessed from any device (including a mobile phone) so even if there is no laptop/ PC in your home you should still be able to join in.

This is designed to ensure that teachers are available in real time to respond to queries and to support students’ progress in their learning. In addition, students may converse with their tutors and subject teachers via Microsoft Teams to seek any assistance required with their work.

Phase Three – 22.06.2020

This is subject to change pending any further decisions by the government.

As things stand we are working towards a return for Year 10 students ONLY from Monday 22 June 2020. Students and staff will be split into four groups (which we shall call ‘colleges’) and run separate timetables that are limited to a single zone of the building. There will be no interaction between different groups on site and group sizes will be limited to a maximum of thirteen students in a class, with desks and chairs spaced at a full two metres apart. We will run a shorter day which will enable us to have staggered start and finish times for the different groups.

We are privileged to have a large and airy building meaning that we should be able to observe social distancing at all times with only limited numbers of students on site.

Phase Three is of course subject to any further changes in government guidance and we shall keep you updated about these as more information becomes available.

Y10 Online Live Lesson Schedule- from 01/06/2020