Contact details

Code      Teacher                 Email

ABA         Mr Barlow                      (Head of Science)   

OSI          Miss Sinclair              (Subject Coordinator)

JFU          Mr Fullbrook 

ANO        Mr Norton    

Assessment Overview

Throughout the academic year, students will complete two assessments in each topic. One assessment will be catered towards a skill and theme for that specific topic. A subject knowledge test will also be carried out for each topic, which will measure the student’s ability of recalling and applying their understanding to exam style questions.

Science Preview Work

Each topic that a student is taught will be given a Preview summary sheet that will contain all the content that will be covered in that topic. The preview/ recall activities, when completed prior to the lesson, will give your son/daughter a distinct advantage in developing their understanding and recall of key concepts. Students are advised to complete 1 preview and 1 recall activity per week

Key Stage 4

GCSE Exam information

Exam Board & Title:    AQA Combined Science Trilogy

In lessons we teach the Combined Science Trilogy content through the Combined Science Synergy format. This delivery format of the content allows for two teachers to share one group, focusing more on one of the two areas of science – life sciences and the physical sciences.

At the end of year 11, the students will sit six examinations with two exams in each of the three subject areas; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

HWK/ Revision Tools

As a school we subscribe to two online revision tools called Samlearning (all years) and Kerboodle (yr10 & yr11 only). Each student has been provided with an account that they can access through any device connected to the internet. At the end of each topic, teachers will set revision activities that students can complete to help them revise. One piece of homework will also be issued through Samlearning each week. This will be due every Thursday for year groups 7-10.

Students can also use these pieces of software independently from their teacher and select any activity they wish to revise.

Any issues with logging in – please see Mr Barlow (Centre ID : CR9AL2) (Institution Code: gwq2)

Kerboodle give you access to the texts books used in lessons and topic tests that can be done as revision. Only available for year 10 and 11

Revision guides:

You need to make sure that the exam board is AQA Combined Science and that the tier is correct. Sets 1 & 2 should aim to buy the higher tiered revision guide and other sets Foundation. If you need clarification – please email Mr. Barlow


When revising for a topic. Students should watch a revision video on YouTube. Always type in exam board and then the topic i.e. ‘AQA GCSE Science circulation’. You will be given a selection of videos that will cover the relevant GCSE knowledge required by AQA specification.