Year 7 Geography:

AUT 1 + 2 – How do I become a Geographer?

  • Key map skills
  • Introduction to human and physical geography
  • Case study of Lake District National Park

AUT 2 + SPR 1 – How do we tame Earth’s greatest waterways?

  • Water cycle
  • Key processes which a river does
  • Landforms in the upper, middle and lower course of the river
  • How humans manage river floods around the world
  • Case study: Boscastle flood
  • Case study: ongoing sea level rise in Bangladesh

SPR 2 + SUM 1– Is “the city” humanity’s greatest invention?

  • How population is distributed across the world
  • Factors which affect population growth
  • Case study: China’s one-child policy
  • Case study: Kerala’s female empowerment policy
  • Problems which cities face

SUM 1 + SUM 2 – What is the greatest hazard to humans?

  • The structure of the Earth
  • Theory of continental drift
  • Tectonic plate boundaries
  • What is a hazard?
  • Hazards presented by volcanoes and earthquakes
  • Case study: Mt Etna volcano
  • Case study: Eyjafjallajokull eruption

Year 8 Geography:

AUT 1 – Coastal landscapes

  • Processes at the coast
  • Key landforms
  • How humans protect the coastline from flooding
  • Case study: Happisburgh floods and coastal erosion

AUT 2 – Brazil regional study

  • Geography of Brazil
  • Amazon rainforest; causes and effects of deforestation
  • Life in favelas
  • Rural urban migration in Brazil
  • Inequality in Brazil’s cities
  • Mega-events (Rio Olympics)

SPR 1 – Crime; locally and globally

  • Distribution of crime across the UK
  • What makes an area vulnerable to crime?
  • Risk factors and preventative factors for groups and individuals.
  • Collect research around school for where crime is likely to take place
  • Recommend where to build a new CCTV camera on the school site

SPR 2 – Should Antarctica be utilised or admired?

  • Geography of Antarctica
  • Tourism in Antarctica
  • Threats facing Antarctica
  • Should Antarctica be developed?
  • Resource extraction in Antarctica
  • Governance of Antarctica

SUM 1 + SUM 2 – Are humans stewards or conquerors of the land?

  • Distribution of the world’s biomes
  • Case study: Hot Deserts
  • Case study: Coral Reefs
  • Case study: Savannah Grassland
  • Poster project


Year 9

Autumn Term

Changing landscapes of the UK

Coastal landscapes and processes

Spring Term

The Physical Environment

Summer Term

The Human Environment


Curriculum:Components 1 and 2
Autumn TermLandscapes of the UK, Coastal landscapes and processes (inc. Fieldwork)
Spring TermRiver landscapes and processes
Summer TermUrbanisation: Birmingham and Mexico


Autumn TermNatural Hazards
Spring TermPopulation and Settlement
Summer TermRevision