The ‘Count on Us’ Secondary Challenge

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This was a unique, pan-London inter-school maths tournament for Year 8 and 9 pupils which was supported by the Jack Petchey Foundation and t
he Mayor’s Fund for London. Its aim was to work with London schools to improve confidence and attitude towards learning maths through an exciting maths competition using a combination of mental arithmetic and problem solving games.

48 schools from all round the Croydon and South East area took part in the competition. Each school entered one of 4 initial heats, with 12 schools within each heat. This initial phase was spreadover 2 days.

Lanfranc sent 6 plucky, bright, year 9 mathematicians to Central London to take on the best of the rest. They were supported by Ms Henshaw and Ms Dang who gave morale boosters and hot tips for sharpening their brains as they tackled the teasers given to them. The challenges they were presented with included numeracy tasks with tangrams, pentominoes, shape puzzles, algebra, codebreaking and 24®. The competition was tough and the work demanding, requiring the use of reasoning algebraically, and comparison and solving statements to resolve a London-themed task.

Using excellent teamwork, focus and skill, the team was impressive and smoothly overtook most of the other competitors in their initial heat, landing in 4th place out of 12. The atmosphere was tense as the close run competition selected the schools who would be invited to continue to the final round. Pipped at the post, Lanfranc missed out on the chance of the prize by one place as only the top 3 schools from each heat were sent through.
A great job year 9 team, Lanfranc is very proud of you and if the other schools are reading this, they better take our advice and get practicing, next year we’ll be back and even better!