The Academy welcomes year 6 pupils and families

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On Saturday 19th and Tuesday 29th of September, only weeks after starting their final year of primary school, year 6 pupils and their parents visited the Academy to check it was going to be their first choice for secondary education.

They were taken on tours of the current school building by prefects, who imparted first-hand knowledge of systems and routines. They also shared the highlights of belonging to the Academy as they moved around all the departments. The groups stopped to sample some of the amazing displays which included plays acted by staff and pupils, delicious cakes and tarts in food technology and breath-taking, interactive activities in science where bubbles were ignited and where the brave had flames whoosh from the palm of their hand.

The tours concluded in the main hall where illustrations of the new Academy building were available to view. The ‘state of the art’ school is anticipated to open for use in less than two years from now and will therefore be enjoyed by the year 6 pupils when they join us in 2016. Details of the new build developments, the addition of a sixth form and the Academy ethos and principles were shared by Coloma Trust Academy leaders, Mr del Río, Mr Crofts and Mrs Martin.

The visitors were buzzing with interest and enthusiasm, impressed by what they saw and heard. Feedback on the high standard of dialogue and knowledge from the prefects who lead the tours, was reiterated numerous times and in many ways they were arguably the most significant ambassadors to show case the new Academy.

Private tours of the working school day are available each month. They offer an opportunity to see the pupils and teachers in ‘natural’ situations. Tour dates are on the Academy website and there are two more available dates before the deadline for choosing a secondary school for September 2016. The next dates are Monday 12th October and Tuesday 20th October at 11am. To book a tour call the main school office on 020 8689 1255.