Daily Challenges

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Daily Challenges

Physical Education Challenge - Press up

Press up challenge:  How many press ups can you complete in total? Video your results and send to challenge@lanfranc.org.uk

Maths Challenge - Taxi Cabs

Max and Liz are organising a trip to the airport for a party of 75 people.

They can use two types of taxi.

A small taxi costs £40 for the trip and holds up to 4 people.

A large taxi costs £63 for the trip and holds up to 7 people.

Max says they should order 6 large taxis

1 (a)  So how many small taxis would they need?

   (b)  How much will the total cost be?

Liz thinks that they can organise the journey more cheaply than this!

  1. Is Liz right? How many taxis of each type should they order to get the total cost as low as possible?
Send your answers and working out to challenge@lanfranc.org.uk