Lanfranc Community Supports Former Students Family

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Lanfranc Community Supports Former Students Family

Lanfranc Community Supports Former Student’s Family

The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy community raised well over £1000 to support funding to save the life of the child of a former student. Anwar Chowdury attended Lanfranc School between 1990-1995 and his son, Zayn, is now recovering from the treatment he received in Holland that he so desperately needed.

Mrs Chowdhury was so touched by our Campaign and came to thank us in person at our Academy Assembly.  Cate, Swagat, Dhruv, Aisha, Akshan and Samyukta raised particularly impressive sums. Afterwards Mrs Chowdhury said “I was so humbled by the Academy’s generosity I could not speak. We are so very grateful for everything. I was overwhelmed by the whole experience this morning. I hope to see them [the students] again to thank all of them personally. It was lovely meeting you all and a big thank you again to everyone. Love from all of us.”


Please visit the website (under Zara Barosa) for more information on the Chowdhury family campaign or to make an additional donation towards the fund.