Daily Challenges - Round 3

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Daily Challenges - Round 3

Art Challenge - Picasso

Draw a parent or carers face in the style of Picasso. Send your piece of art to challenge@lanfranc.org.uk

Food Challenge - Brownies

Test your cooking skills by baking some brownies. Create a recipe that others can follow and send this along with a photo to challenge@lanfranc.org.uk

RE Challenge - Religion around the World

Research one of the following places of worship on google maps and describe five key features of each:

  • Blue Mosque in Istanbul
  • Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
  • Angkor Watt in Cambodia
  • Borobudur temple Magelang in in Indonesia
  • St Basils in Moscow

Upload your 5 key features to help others learn about places of worship!

Send your response to challenge@lanfranc.org.uk