Daily Challenges

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Daily Challenges

Maths Challenge

Have you ever thought just how busy poor Santa is on Christmas Eve?

He delivers presents to every child in the UK, but he can only start after children are asleep and he must be finished by daybreak. He needs organising!

As Santa’s new travel advisor, work out the average time he can spend at each house.

You will need some information:

  • The total population of the UK is 60,975,000
  • About one in five of the total population is under 16 years old
  • Each woman in the UK has an average of about 1.9 children
Email your answers and calculations to challenge@lanfranc.org.uk

Food Challenge

Cook your one of your favourite meals to eat and write a recipe that explains the steps involved to make the dish. Take a picture and send it to challenge@lanfranc.org.uk

Art Challenge

Superhero – Design your own superhero and explain briefly why you chose those superpowers. Take a Picture of your superhero and send it to challenge@lanfranc.org.uk