Academy day 19th October 2015

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The first Academy day of the new school year offered some great opportunities, not just for all the Academy’s year groups but also to some lucky year 5’s from some of our local primary schools.

All year 7,8 and 9 pupils went on a wide range of day visits to London based attractions, including London zoo, a variety of museums and Hampton Court to name but a few. Year 10 and 11 stayed in Croydon to hone their English and science skills and they were joined by pupils from some of our local primary schools, West Thornton, Gonville and Beulah Juniors.

The 100 visiting year 5 pupils and their supporting staff enjoyed a carousel of creative and performing arts activities. They tasted fruits they had never seen before and were pleasantly surprised by some of the flavours they experienced and left the food technology department keen to be more adventurous in the future with their foods. Rhythm and African drumming in the music area animated all the children. They were all keen to join in and be creative, incorporating their names into selected beats to generate a lively performance from all. Design technology introduced new skills, new equipment and new technologies to the children. Each successfully made a perfect, clear plastic, photo frame and even had time to draw a little sketch of the photo they might put in it! Their final stop on the carousel was to the art department where they were taught how to model head and shoulder busts in clay. Despite never having done this before the pupils created some amazing results which looked extremely professional.

Staff here at the Archbishop Lanfranc Academy were so very impressed with all the pupils on Academy day and want to thank our own pupils for being such beautifully behaved ambassadors whilst on their trips. For the pupils who remained on site, we would like to extend our praise to you for stepping up, and making it day to further your GCSE achievements. Last and definitely not least, we would like to say how impressed we were by the year 5’s from all 3 primary schools; their behaviour, their contributions and their skills, especially given all the topics were new, were truly amazing – thank you for joining us and please come again soon!