World Book Day

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World Book Day


Last week students were encouraged to do something ‘booky’ for World Book Day. We had a variety of exciting activities on offer to celebrate and the children took part in a variety of ‘booky business’:


  • Book reading at lunchtime – over eighteen students each day came along to hear an extract from a novel being read aloud by a teacher and took away a booklet to finish at home. We read from a range of stories, including novels by the two authors featured in the ‘Book Voucher’ scheme.
  • Swap Shop – pupils brought in a book they had read to swap for a token and on Wednesday they came with their tokens to swap for a donated book. Thirty-seven individuals took part in the ‘Booky’ Swap Shop.
  • English teachers gave out vouchers for pupils to claim a free book from the featured titles or a discount of £1 from local book stores.
  • English teachers set ‘Booky’ homework – to join ‘Love reading for Kid’s and try out new reading material.
  • Tutors sat with children and read in silence in tutor time.
  • Tutor groups raised £59.52 for Book Aid International – to send a book to a child who does not have access to books.
  • The art department ran a competition to design a book token (for a national prize).


It was great to see so many staff and pupils taking part in the ‘booky business’!