Sports Day

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With every pupil encouraged to participate in at least one track or field event, and with the guarantee of five house points per pupil participating, this year’s sports day was a true display of team work and individual determination. Teams were supported by tutors, school staff and each other in house appropriate colours, cheering the pupils on in traditional sportsmanlike style. The ‘race’ was on to become the first house champions of the TALA Sports’ Day 2015.

The competitors challenged each other and themselves. Three historical records were smashed, two in the lower school and one from the upper school:

Caesar Townsend (9P) broke the 300m school record of 44.64 (2014) with a run of 41.58 secs.

Jobary Oldarce (7E) sliced 0.36 off the 2009 school record with a 100m run time of 12.00 secs- that’s FAST!

Whilst slick team work for the Year 7 girls’ relay team, comprising of Faith Teibowei, Beyonce D’Rosario, Bobbie Prince and Andrea Cespedes Ramirez (7P) wiped the long standing school record of 63.10 secs from 1999 off the page and re-wrote history with their time of 62.06 secs- that is some girl power!

All the tutor groups were fabulous, with the following acting as best role models in terms of participation:

Year 10 – 10P

Year 9 – 9P

Year 8 – 8R

Year 7 – 7E

The overall winning house has been calculated and will be revealed very shortly. Meanwhile, a huge congratulations to all who took part both competitively and in a supporting role and a massive thank you to everyone for making the day such a wonderful event, especially Mr Curtis!