Notice to Hirers

Notice to Hirers - Functions

Please ensure that all in attendance adhere to the following Visitor Guidelines

Commencement of the Function (Functions are typically held in the Main Hall and can include the Dining Hall and Kitchen)
  • The named Hirer must report to the Caretaker on duty, who will give you any necessary information and assistance you may require
  • The Caretaker is the Academy’s representative in charge of the event and any instructions given by them must be acted upon
  • You may access the venue a maximum of 2 hours prior to the Function by arrangement with the Academy for purposes of setting-up
Outside Area by Main Entrance
  • This area has to be kept clear at all times to comply with Health and Safety
  • Parking cones/barriers/notices must be left in place and restrictions adhered to
  • The Hirer is responsible for courteous parking of their group
Rubbish in the Main Hall and
Dining Hall
  • Rubbish is to be put in the bins provided. The Caretaker will come around during your Function and clear any surplus rubbish from the tables if this is convenient to you
  • We DO NOT allow confetti, rice, coloured paper (or similar) to be thrown inside the Academy as this sticks to the floor and can discolour the surface
  • Music MUST be kept to an acceptable volume
  • No nails / screws / tacks/ staples/ tape or similar, are to be used to affix decorations on any surface, including (but not limited to) walls, windows and floor
The Kitchen
  • To be left in the condition in which it was found
  • All waste should be put into black sacks, securely tied and placed outside the kitchen door for removal
  • All surfaces should be wiped over and the floor swept
  • No traces of food or liquids should be left anywhere
Changing Rooms/Classrooms
  • Children should NEVER be left unattended and must be kept under constant supervision by an adult
  • The rooms must be left in the condition they were found – no traces of glitter/makeup on the floor or furniture
  • The room should be kept locked at all times whilst unattended
  • Once the area is vacated, you should inform the Caretaker
Hirer’s Responsibility
  • The named Hirer is responsible for the good order of ALL persons attending their Function
  • You must NOT enter any other parts of the site other than those specified and paid for in the booking agreement – unauthorised use of other parts of the building will result in an additional charge
  • The Hirer must ensure that if children are present, they are kept under control by their parents or another responsible adult. The named Hirer must advise all parents/carers of their responsibility to monitor their children during the Function
  • Children must NOT be left unsupervised at any time, and should NOT be allowed to run around outside the Academy
  • If you wish for your children to be allowed to play outside, please ask the Caretaker who will be able to direct you to a safe area. To comply with our Health and Safety regulations, this must always be under the supervision of an adult. Please be aware that this is a busy site, with constant traffic for activities in various parts of the Academy
  • If alcohol is served, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that its consumption is controlled and that no one is acting in a disorderly fashion as a result of consuming alcohol or for any other reason
Conclusion of the Function
  • The named Hirer should remain on the premises until all participants have exited the Academy site
  • The Hirer must then check with the Caretaker on duty that everything has been left in a satisfactory state
  • Hirers are granted one hours complimentary clearing time after the agreed Function finish time

**It is important to note that failure to comply with these Guidelines will result in the loss of your deposit. **