Homework and Presentation Expectations


The following provides guidelines for what you are expected to do:

Key Stage 3

Years 7 and 8                      30 minutes per subject per week

Year 9                                    40 minutes per subject per week

Key Stage 4

Years 10 and 11                 50 minutes per subject per week


All pupils must place their planners on their desk at the beginning of the lesson. All set homework must be recorded in the planner with a date to hand it in. All homework should be checked for completion by the teacher and constructive feedback provided.

Homework must be completed on time and to the best of your ability.

Students are assessed, and levels or grades are awarded on the basis of homework, classwork, formal assessments and examinations.

Homework enhances your learning, improves achievement and develops your study skills. It is an opportunity for parents and students to work together to benefit from learning experiences.

Some of this homework will be done in supported study time with specialist advice and the support of a teacher and some at home under the guidance of a parent or carer.

If you have any general concerns regarding any of the homework please contact your personal tutor or, in the case of subject specific enquiries, contact the Team Leader of the subject area.

Presentation of Your Work

 The presentation of your work is important. Good, clear presentation shows that care has gone into the production of your work. It shows respect for those who will read and assess your work. It is an important skill which will help you in your career and later life.

Basic Rules

  • All work should be presented clearly
  • All work should be named, dated and titled
  • Subject folders, exercise books, homework diary and textbooks must be free of graffiti, doodles and stickers.