Expectation & Achievement

High expectation and high achievement

Staff, students and parents of students at Archbishop Lanfranc Academy are proud to belong to a community where both their achievements in school and their contribution to the local community and wider world is recognised.
At Archbishop Lanfranc Academy young people of all abilities and backgrounds develop the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to be successful and secure in a rapidly changing society and are equipped to take on leadership responsibilities within wider society.
We create and sustain a learning environment where every child can succeed and provide many rich and exciting experiences inside and outside of the classroom so that each student can explore and develop their talents, exceed their own expectations and make outstanding progress.

For all members of Archbishop Lanfranc Academy community there will be:

  • High quality teaching and learning
  • A positive ethos, characterised by integrity, respect and compassion
  • A clear purpose, high expectations and a culture of success
  • A strong sense of service to others
  • A creative approach to personalising learning, experience and support for all students
  • A culture of lifelong learning and a celebration of achievement. This is encapsulated in our motto: ‘Learning Changes Lives’