Academy Curriculum Guidance

Lessons in School

Single lessons are 50 minutes long. Occasionally students may have a double lesson to enable longer pieces to be undertaken, for example, to replicate examination conditions. Students should always have the exercise book, appropriate stationery, a calculator and a reading book.

There are 6 lessons on Wednesday and Friday; there is an additional lesson – enrichment – on Monday (tutor time), Tuesday (Y10-11) and Thursday (Y7-9). These sessions provide opportunities for students to meet with the tutor and experience different aspects to the curriculum from regular lessons.


Students’ work is marked formatively with two opportunities per half term for deeper marking. A sticker may be used to indicate www (what went well) and ebi (even better if). Students are expected to respond to staff marking with a commitment to improve strategically or an exercise to show learning has been absorbed from prior errors. This is usually undertaken in green ink.

End of term progress reports will chart current performance and for GCSE a working towards grade. Subjects are graded 9-1 in Years 9-11.

At Key Stage 3, in Years 7-8,  students will be awarded N (novice), A (apprentice), P (professional) or M (master) for performance. These will be graduated by sub performance of minus (-), equals (=) or plus (+).



Students are expected to complete one piece weekly. This may be research, learning information, problem solving, reading, preparation for tasks in class or writing. This will be listed in planners and on the pool drive where there is a facility for the following:

Resources – where teachers store support material including presentations from the lessons and electronic copies of worksheets.

Student hand in – where students store written files electronically. These are held on the school server.


Students can access the school pool drive remotely in the following way:

–          Go to

–          Log on using your school credentials (lanfranc\username)


Note: When logging into remote desktop your username must always start with lanfranc\

–          Click the Lanfranc Desktop


After accepting the security questions and entering your credentials a second time (if required – browser dependant) you will be presented with a full desktop that is connected to the school network.

Essential equipment

A pencil case containing:

Three black pens

An HB pencil

A ruler

Colouring pencils

A protractor

A calculator

Parent / Guardian Support

There are a number of ways to support your child. The following suggestions are a summary of some of the ways that parents can work in partnership with the academy:

Take a positive interest and encouraging. Looking at their work, ask one or two questions, praising what is good, making suggestions if you feel there are obvious weaknesses: all these we would greatly welcome.

Involve them in any discussions you may be having on topical issues in the media and just chatting to them about their personal interests are equally helpful. In general, the more that they are used to asking questions, listening to others, thinking for themselves and giving opinions, the more they will be developing their minds and gaining skills and knowledge which will help in their studies across the whole curriculum.

Help them to organise themselves for each day, particularly to have the appropriate equipment, clothing, books and topping up the lunch account.

Help with their work if they ask for assistance. A few hints or guidelines will be invaluable, but please do not do the work for them.

Ask weekly whether any correspondence has been sent from school.

Check and sign the student planner.

Make sure they have enough sleep.

Subject Evenings

One event for each year group is scheduled each year as an opportunity for families to meet with teachers. This usually happens between 3.30- 6.30pm. Students make appointments for parents / guardians to meet with teachers on a timetable. Families are encouraged to contact staff directly by email (information available on the school website) in the interim periods.